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Mister Linker is a free web gadget provided by Concho Software, San Angelo TX

This widget provides a central repository for shared web links. The design is simple and oriented toward individuals who own/use multiple devices. If you typically use several different PCs and mobile devices, Mister Linker provides a single landing where you can access important links from any device.

How it works

Links enter the repository via email and become associated with the sender's email address. Once in the database, you may easily access your links by pointing any browser device to this web address:

Example -

Step 1.   Assuming your personal email address is, simply create a new message to using the following format:

This app works smoothly with the Send From Gmail Chrome extension.

Step 2.  From any device, point the web browser to and you will see a list of your links.

Note - After the initial access, (If cookies are enabled for the device) you may omit your email from the address and simply access

Privacy Statement:

This site makes use of your email address to establish an index of the recorded links. No attempt is made to verify ownership. There are no passwords. In short, there is absolutely NO privacy other than your ability to keep others from knowing your email address. (if someone knows your email address, they will be able to view your saved links)

Other Restrictions:

By using MisterLinker, you agree that we accept no responsibility for your use of the service. The links you record here are under your control and entirely for your personal use. We make no promises for continued operation of the site or maintenance of the database. The links you save may be lost because of equipment failure or other cause. The system automatically removes links which appear to be connected with pornography, spam, malware or sites promoting subversion.